A world in which everyone likes to use public transport because it is faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other forms of transport.

About our company

We are a young, dynamic company built on many years of experience in the railroad market and in embedded electronics/software. Our goal is to support our customers in the digitalization process, to increase transparency and to improve the value of your solution day by day in a sustainable way.

The Situation


Individual transportation of people and goods poses major challenges for our globalized world. Climate change, traffic density and population growth coupled with increasing mobility are just some of the problems that need to be solved immediately and sustainably. Although rail transport has the best prerequisites for addressing these problems, its competitiveness compared with air and private transport is not yet taking hold in all areas of mobility.

The Challenge


High expectations are placed on today's mobility solutions:

  • Highest reliability and availability
  • Exceptional travel experience
  • Global worldwide transportation with consideration of energy efficiency
  • Avoidance of unplanned and minimization of planned downtime
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Holistic consideration of complete vehicle fleets

Our Solution


Ci4Rail offers individualized, application-tailored computer and service solutions that support mobility operators, vehicle manufacturers and manufacturers of subsystems in their digitalization project, increase the necessary transparency around their own solution and contribute to the increase in competitiveness of rail and public transport via cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.


Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

A world in which everyone likes to use public transport because it is faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other forms of transport.



Driving the digitalization of rail and public transport with game changing technologies.

These values are of unique importance to us


We aim to contribute to slow down climate change and therefore support the most environmentally friendly form of mobility with our digitalization solutions.

Social responsibility

We stand for fair cooperation with our customers, suppliers and employees.


In a world in which mistrust and dissociation is increasing, we stand for reliability, commitment and an honest and trustful relationship with our customers.


We connect the constant railroad sector with the most innovative technologies and ignite digitization with world-changing artificial intelligence. We do this by looking at the solution from the customer’s perspective.


Flexibly responding to the wishes of our customers and fast development cycles are our basic principles.

Passion and fun at work

We are convinced that the best solutions are created by the passion and identification of our employees. Agile teamwork instead of rigid hierarchies.