The first cloud native IoT platform for predictive maintenance and fleet optimization. Available as hosted service or on premise!

What is EdgeFarm?

EdgeFarm focuses on the lossless and high-quality acquisition, transmission and processing of all types of field data and thus provides the basis for intelligent maintenance or fleet optimization, regardless of the vehicle type and manufacturer. In addition, EdgeFarm enables the convenient management of your devices as well as your applications and thus creates transparency for your fleet.

Simply from your desk!

EdgeFarm is realized in three independent components. EdgeFarm.devices, EdgeFarm.applications and

With EdgeFarm.devices you always keep your devices up to date and thus ensure a high level of IT security and the latest functionality. EdgeFarm.application offers the convenient option of rolling out applications to the edge or to the cloud simply from the desk. With, you have full control which of your data is transmitted to which endpoint via which routes.

Choose the EdgeFarm component you need and fill the gaps in your existing solution. All components are available both as hosted service and on premise.

Edgefarm.monitor and complete the EdgeFarm solution with basic functionalities. enables secure and reliable communication between your applications, as well as communication between the services we provide. EdgeFarm.monitor creates transparency about your field devices, applications and data streams in order to be able to react quickly to possible anomalies or to send alarms.

EdgeFarm Components

Remote Device Management

All electronic systems in vehicles have one thing in common: they are difficult to access!

As a result, it is often impossible to record the status of the devices or perform updates without being present in the vehicle.

In addition legislation for IT security requires quick responses for closing security gaps in the field. This will drive the need for updates much more than functional updates or troubleshooting. To ensure this, today’s systems must be able to be monitored, managed and updated remotely – that’s EdgeFarm.devices.


Enables convenient remote management of your devices in the field

Product features

  • Device monitoring incl. performance metrics
  • Hardware and software inventory information
  • Geolocalization
  • Over-the-air software updates for operating system and firmware
  • Convenient rollout strategies for updates
  • Detailed diagnostic options via remote access
  • Software LifeCycle Management Service

Adaptable also for third-party devices

Application Management

EdgeFarm.applications enables management of multiple applications on edge computer and in the cloud, bringing data center technology to the world of road and rail transport.

Typically, data correlation across many vehicles takes place in the cloud, yet intelligent processing at the edge of the network can be useful. EdgeFarm enables the dynamic distribution of applications and additionally creates transparency about their state.

The rollout of the applications is independent of device updates.


Orchestrating multiple container applications for edge & cloud

Product Features

  • Orchestration of containerized applications for edge and cloud
  • Multiple applications per edge computer
  • OCI Docker Container Technology
  • Application monitoring including performance metrics
  • Communication network for exchange between application modules
  • Abstraction of hardware interfaces through APIs
  • Over-the-air updates incl. convenient rollout strategies
  • Remote access to application containers and logs

Full Control of User Data

Vehicles are often equipped with a variety of sensors. As a result, large amounts of data such as status, diagnostic or sensor data are already available in the field. This useful data is particularly valuable when the information can be correlated across vehicles and systems.

The task of is to transfer this useful data to the land side without loss, cryptographically secured and in high quality, and to make it available to the right consumer.


Secure, zero-loss provision of user data

Product Features

  • Secure, efficient and zero-loss user data transfer to the customer system
  • Data upload based on conditionable rules
  • Filtering, transforming, buffering and routing of data
  • Secure access to your data on configurable endpoints
  • Export interface offers open and modern APIs
  • Data monitoring and alerting regarding completeness and plausibility

Create Transparency

Recognize problems the moment they happen. You should not hear about them from the customer or the next day.

EdgeFarm.monitor makes it possible to determine the current system status across all EdgeFarm components and to notify the responsible person immediately in the event of corresponding failures.

To ensure reliable operation of the system.



Full transparency at any time

Product Features

  • Consistent view of the overall system
  • System status of field devices
  • Device position
  • Dynamic device metrics such as system utilization, temperatures
  • Monitoring of data streams
  • State of your applications in edge and cloud incl. resource consumption
  • Memory consumption on system and data endpoint
  • Configuration of alarms for fast response to anomalies
  • Extensible with custom metrics

Exchange Information

Although a stable internet connection is not always available, all applications and devices want to communicate with each other. ensures that data is transferred securely to the target system even when connections are unstable. acts as a unified communication network across all components.


Communication without limits

Product Features

  • Communication between application parts
    • Edge and Edge
    • Edge and Cloud
    • Edge/Cloud and data export
  • Communication between devices
    • Edge and Edge
    • Edge and data export
  • Buffered or unbuffered
  • Pub/Sub Pattern or Request/Reply

Product Characteristics

State of the art technologies

...without reinventing the wheel

We rely on established open source technologies. This ensures not only high quality but also independence.

  • yocto Project
  • kubernetes
  • KubeEdge
  • NATS
  • docker
  • Grafana
  • argo
  • Prometheus

Multi-User Management

Fine granular role and access management

    This creates unimagined opportunities between customers and partners. Our customer gets full access to all systems and data and at the same time can define which subsets are also opened for partners.

    IT Security


    • Secure device registration (incl. callback function)
    • Signatures for all components
    • Authentication via modern technologies
    • Customer separation down to the hardware
    • Role-based access control for all functions
    • Security scans for various areas
    • Provision of regular firmware updates
    • Encryption of all APIs

    Your hardware in EdgeFarm

    Integration of third-party hardware

    We are happy to take over the integration and maintenance as a service or we support you with your Yocto or Debian based devices.


    Simple - Automatic

    Our focus in operating EdgeFarm is on integration into automated environments.

    Every EdgeFarm functionality is made available to the user via APIs and can thus be integrated into any environment.

    Of course, dashboards can also be configured for visualization.

    Open Source

    For the highest possible quality

    We at Ci4Rail rely on Open Source for best possible quality and constant customer feedback.

    All EdgeFarm components are published under Open Source license (AGPL V3 / Apache 2.0) as well as under Commercial license.

    This gives you the freedom to choose the license model that suits you best and avoids vendor lock-in. You decide for yourself.

    Independent of the industry

    One solution for many problems

    The technology stack of EdgeFarm is kept generic and thus allows the adaptation to other industries and use cases.

    The problems are the same everywhere - EdgeFarm is the solution!

    Declarative setup

    Focus on your application

    You describe the target state of your system declaratively in manifest files.

    EdgeFarm takes care of everything else. It establishes this target state automatically, monitors the components and reacts automatically in case of errors.

    You concentrate on your use case and not on the operation of the system.


    Full flexibility

    EdgeFarm is cloud agnostic! This means that you can run our services on the cloud platform of your choice.

    We offer the management or enable you to operate the solution yourself. We support public, private (on-premise) as well as hybrid cloud scenarios suitable for your use case.