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No matter whether computing performance at the edge of a network or embedded applications. The basis is always a reliable qualified computer. For bus & rail!


Our modular and flexibly expandable edge computer ModuCop adapts to a wide variety of vehicle interfaces and thus represents the basic platform for numerous applications in the vehicle.


Outstanding performance on smallest installation space


  • Quad-Core ARM(R) Cortex A53; Cortex M4F
  • 2 GB DDR4
  • 16GB eMMC integrated
  • uSD Card slot
  • Power consumption < 8W


ModuCop integrated a variety of interfaces for cost-effective connection to existing systems

  • 2x 1GBit/s Ethernet via 8p M12 x-coded
  • 1x USB 2.0 via 5p M12 A-coded
  • 1x RS232 via 4p M12 A-coded
  • GPS via SMA
  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n via 2x RP-SMA
  • LTE CAT6 via 2x SMA (optional)
  • 2x uSim slot
  • 1x USB 2.0 (OTG-capable) via USB-C
  • 1x UART service interface via USB-C

Expandable through modular I/O extension concept

Power Supply

The ideal power supply as wide range input is already integrated

Rail Vehicles:

  • 24..110V DC (nom.)
  • 14,4...154V DC wide range input
  • compliant to EN 50155:2017 - Class S2

Road Vehicles:

  • 12 / 24V DC (nom.)
  • 9...50V DC wide range input
  • compliant to ISO 7637-2


Mounting options for every application - highly integrated, minimum space requirement

  • DIN Rail TH35 (35mm) via accessory
  • Wall mount via accessory
  • 19'' Rack-mount via accessory

ModuCop offers room for up to 9 extension modules

  • Height: 111,5 mm
  • Depth: 61,2 mm
  • Width depends on expansion stage
    • 1 ext. (4 slot / 28 HP); 142,3 mm
    • 3 ext. (6 slot / 42 HP) ; 213,2 mm
    • 9 ext. (12 slot / 42 HP); 426,8 mm

Product Family

ModuCop is not ONE computer, but MANY! And exactly the one you are looking for

Due to the flexibility and scalability of the ModuCop family, we enable you to configure a product tailored to your application. And that in the smallest installation space.

ModuCop allows full flexibility in:

  • Computing performance
  • Interfaces
  • Power supply
  • Mounting

Now it's up to you!

Environmental & Certification

For use in buses and trains, ModuCop meets all requirements

  • Din-Rail xxx
  • Wand-Montage via Zubehör
  • 19'' Montage via Zubehör

ModuCop bietet Platz für bis zu 9 Erweiterungsmodule

  • Höhe: 111,5 mm
  • Tiefe: 61,2 mm
  • Breite abhängig von Ausbaustufe
    • 1 ext. (4 slot / 28 HP); 142,3 mm
    • 3 ext. (6 slot / 42 HP) ; 213,2 mm
    • 9 ext. (12 slot / 84 HP); 426,8 mm

Order Information

Build-to-order: Full flexibility tailored to your needs - also for accessories.


  • S100-MEC01-: ModuCop Rail
  • S100-MEC02-: ModuCop Automotive

Please contact us for specific configurations


  • S104-ACS01-00: ModuCop starter kit
  • S104-ACS02-00: Din-Rail mounting kit 35mm
  • S104-ACS03-00: Wall mounting kit
  • S104-ACS04-00: 19'' Rack mounting kit
  • S102-MOD-02-00: LET (CAT6) m.2 Modem


Linux Microservices Plattform; Open Source, managed for you for life!

Integrated Linux Microservices Platform (LMP):

  • based on Yocto Linux
  • Remote management of device
  • Over-the-Air updates of all firmware
  • Container Runtime for your applications
  • Software / Hardware LifeCycle Management from one hand!
  • Nats / Jetstream communication infrastructure
  • Supports distributed applications between edge and cloud
  • Trusted Computing Environment - latest security measures to protect your devices. applications and communication

ModuCop I/O Modules

Every application in the field is unique and requires different interfaces. The edge computer must also adapt to this. Where a well-equipped basic computer is not enough, modular extemsion modules allow flexible add-ons.

You can expect a flexible portfolio of fieldbus and communication interfaces such as CAN, serial interfaces, Ethernet and MVB as well as discrete binary and analog inputs and outputs.

Tailor to your needs.

Discrete Input and Output

You need to acquire analog data from external systems, e.g. from analog sensors?

Or do you need the possibility to control digital switching elements or to react to their changes?

Then simply configure the IOU01 extension into your ModuCop.


The ModuCop extension for rail compliant digital and analoge inputs and outputs.

Product Features

  • Single Slot ModuCop extension unit
  • 2x2 digital inputs / outputs (selectable) via 4-pin spring terminal
  • 0..110V (nom), common ground
  • 2x1 analoge input via 4-pin spring terminal
  • Galvanic isolation of all inputs and outputs (4 isolation groups)
  • Selectable voltage (+/-10V) or current (0..24mA) type
  • 24V supply to external sensor
  • intelligent micro controller abstracts I/O functionality and offloads ModuCop CPU


To connect our intelligent sensors and converters, simply use additional Ethernet interfaces. Power supply for the external components by PoE included.

Even without sensors, Ethernet interfaces you never have enough!


4 port gigabit ethernet switch for easy connection and supply of Eth-based sensors.

Product Features

  • Single Slot ModuCop extension unit
  • 4x 1 GBit/s Ethernet (switch) via 8-pol M12 x-coded
  • PoE Power-over-Ethernet (PSE) IEEE 802.3af *
  • Smart managed

*PoE power budget depends on selected ModuCop power supply (PSU0x)

Feldbus Sniffer for Rail

In order to record existing vehicle data, it is essential to tap the data from the vehicle bus. However, direct intervention may request a vehicle re-certification. Any data acquisition must therefore be completely free of retroactive effects.

With the concept of listen-only with purely capacitive coupling, our sniffer interfaces do not influence the electrical characteristics of the vehicle buses.

You can listen in without any worries!



None-retroactive MVB interface prevents costly re-certification processes

Product Features

  • Single Slot ModuCop extension unit
  • 1x MVB Listen only - pure capacitve coupling via 2x 9-pol Dsub (male / female)
  • 1x CAN listen only - pure capacitve coupling via 1x 9-pol Dsub (male)
  • or alternatively
  • 1x RS485 listen only - pure capacitve coupling via 1x 9-pol Dsub (male)
  • galvanic isolation
  • integrated micro controller abstracts I/O functionality and offloads ModuCop CPU

Communication is Everything

Data acquisition in buses or trains always means being able to connect to a wide variety of existing vehicle systems. Common interfaces are CAN and serial interfaces.

With the IOU04 you find a simple possibility to upgrade the basic computer with these interfaces.


Connect existing sub-systems? Very simple with serial interfaces and CAN

Product Features

  • Single Slot ModuCop extension unit
  • 1x CAN up to 1 Mbit/s via 9-pol-Dsub (socket)
  • SW-configurable for listen-only mode
  • 2x RS232/422/485 via 9-pol-Dsub (socket)
  • SW-selectable
  • Galvanic isolation per interface
  • intelligent Microcontroller abstracts I/O functionality and offloads ModuCop CPU


With ModuCop, we offer a product family that is unrivaled in its flexibility and modularity. The modularity allows us to constantly expand the family with partial developments; in its functions, but also in its performance and actuality. Obsolescence is practically excluded.

ModuCop is not a product – it is a family! Due to continuous development you benefit from the latest processor technologies and constantly growing input/output extensions in an always compatible form factor. Combine the required interfaces with the desired computer performance in your applications and get the optimal composition for your project. No matter if in bus or train! The corresponding Linux Microservices Platform grows with the functions of the hardware as a matter of course.

The best answer to obsolescence!