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The Cloud-based IoT platform for holistic fleet-wide management of edge devices, distributed applications and user data


Modular flexible Edge Computer, fully manageable remotely. Standardized and open source


Decentralized I/O modules intelligently close the gap between any data source and the control computer

Data Sheets

MEC01 / MEC02 – ModuCop Edge Computer

Modular flexible embedded computer for edge applications in rail & busses

MIO01 – ModuSio Digital / Analogue I/O

IP based remote I/O module with binary inputs and outputs and analogue inputs

IOU01 – Digital / Analogue Interfaces

Modular extension unit offering binary inputs and outputs as well as analogue inputs to connect to the discrete world of I/O

MIO03 – ModuSio MVB / CAN Sniffer

IP based remote I/O unit with non-retroactive MVB and CAN interfaces

IOU02 – 4-Port Ethernet Switch

Modular extension unit expands ModuCop Edge Devices by a 4 port PoE capable Gigabit Etherent Switch

MIO04 – ModuSio CAN & Serial Interfaces

IP based remote I/O unit with CAN interface and RS232/422/485 interfaces

IOU03 – Non-retroactive MVB / CAN Interfaces

Modular extension unit allowing non-retroactive data acquisition on MVB and CAN vehicle buses.

MIO07 – Digital Inputs/Outputs

IP based remote I/O unit offering 16 cost sensitive digital inputs / outputs (24V)

IOU04 – CAN / Serial Interfaces

Modular extension unit provides Serial interfaces and CAN to ModuCop Edge Devices for egde applications in rail & busses

IOU06 – Extension Unit for Public Transport

Modular extension unit providing IBIS Master, CAN and Audio Interface to extend your ModuCop to a full featured Onboard Unit.

IOU07 – Digital I/O

Modular extension unit providing 16 freely configurable digital I/Os with optimzed cost per I/O ratio.