Data should always be recorded and processed where it is generated. With the least integration effort. That is ModuSio – IP based I/O.


Our IP-based Modular Smart Input/Output modules for rail and public transport intelligently close the gap between any data source and the control computer. IP-based connections (LAN, WLAN) guarantee independence, abstraction and easy integration.
ModuSio expands existing systems with missing interfaces and sensors by simply integrating them into IP-based networks. ModuSio modules complement third-party devices as well as Ci4Rail’s ModuCop.

Common features of all ModuSio components:


Integrated intelligence for smart data acquisition and processing


Configurable as direct I/O or data logger functionality with time-stamped data streams


IT-secure firmware update, hardware/firmware identification and device restart via network

IP Connectivity

Communication via Ethernet & WLAN minimizes cabling effort


Initial deployment via USB console; Full configurability via Ethernet & WLAN

Power Supply

Power supply made simple: Power Over Ethernet (Class 1) or via 12/24V (DC)

ModuSio Software Integration

ModuSio products are easily integrated into applications through standardized, platform and programming language independent protocols (Protobuf and TCP). They are supported by open source client libraries that provide APIs for common programming languages.

API functions include:

  • Interface configuration, e.g. setting the CAN baud rate.
  • Direct interaction with the interface, e.g., retrieving/setting current values of a binary I/O
  • Defining and receiving one or more streams of time-stamped samples

ModuSio – IP based I/O Modules

MIO01 – Binary Input / Output

Acquire analog values without the risk of signal interference by long cabling. Control binary inputs and outputs easily via Ethernet or WLAN. Use as an interface or as a data logger with streaming functionality.

Product Features:

  • Ethernet & WLAN communication
  • Power supply via PoE or 12/24V (DC)
  • 2×2 Digital Inputs / Outputs via two 4-pin spring clamp terminal blocks
  • 2×1 analog input per 4-pin spring terminal block
  • Galvanic isolation of all inputs and outputs
  • Usable as direct I/O and as data logger with multiple data streams

MIO03 – MVB / CAN Module

To acquire existing vehicle data, tapping the data from the vehicle bus is essential. To minimize the risk of re-certification, any data acquisition must be completely non-reactive. Our remote IP-based modules allow minimal cable lengths.

Product Features:

  • Ethernet & WLAN communication
  • Power supply via PoE or 12/24V (DC)
  • 1x MVB listen only – via 2x 9-pin Dsub (male / female)
  • 1x CAN listen only – via 1x 9-pin Dsub (male)
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Data logger functionality – receives multiple time stamped data streams

MIO04 – CAN & Serial Interfaces

It is impossible to think in advance about all the interfaces that occur in a vehicle. Subsequent interface integration often fails due to the modularity of your system. IP-based interface modules create the necessary abstraction.

Product features:

  • Ethernet & WLAN communication
  • Power supply via PoE or 12/24V (DC)
  • 1x CAN with up to 1 Mbit/s via 9-pin Dsub (socket)
  • Usable as direct I/O or data logger with multiple time stamped data streams
  • 2x RS232/422/485 via 9-pin Dsub (socket)
  • Linux TTY device support
  • Galvanic isolation of each interface