Digital Fleet Management

Know Your Train networks all suybsystems in a vehicle fleet and collects all relevant data for digitized analysis, monitoring and control of your vehicles.

Increase your Competitiveness – with Digital Fleet Management

Fleet optimization and predictive maintenance help operators increase the effectiveness of their fleet. The basis for this is data and digital processing capabilities.

Know Your Train abstrahiert alle Suybsysteme in einer Fahrzeugflotte und sammelt Hersteller- und Fahrzeug-unabhängig alle relevanten Daten für eine digitalisierte Analyse, Überwachung und Steuerung Ihrer Fahrzeuge und macht damit digitales Flottenmanagement in nur einer einzigen Plattform möglich. 

Digital Fleet Management needs Data

Know your train

Transparency about the status of electronic systems such as brakes, doors, air conditioning, toilets, etc. is the basic prerequisite for digital fleet management and continuous optimization of the fleet. With Know your train, we offer a modular, flexible, scalable computer and service concept for use in the vehicle and in the cloud to make data and thus also the status of all systems centrally accessible. In doing so, we rely on ONE computer platform for all applications.

The diversity of today’s system landscapes is history.

Know Your Train

Digital Fleet Management with Know your train

Fleet-wide transparency

Fleet-wide transparency

With the use of the KYT product portfolio, you gain access to system information and statuses of your vehicles and sub-systems and at the same time know where which vehicles are in use.

Fleet availability

Increase fleet availability

Using our product portfolio enables you to avoid unplanned downtime and empowers you to perform planned maintenance efficiently.

Cost reduction

Reduction of operating costs

The higher availability, plannable maintenance cycles and reduced spare parts storage reduce the life cycle costs of your vehicles or sub-systems.

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Our modular, AI-enabled EdgeComputer forms the basic platform for every value-added application in the vehicle, whether high-speed train, freight locomotive, subway or bus. With its flexible interface concept, ModuCop can be integrated into many vehicle architectures, provides computing performance including machine learning accelerators and thus supports applications with artificial intelligence on the edge.

The already integrated Edge Software Linux Microservices Platform (LMP) allows applications to run in isolated containers. Flexible module-to-module communication helps you conveniently subscribe to sensor and diagnostic data for your applications, communicate with other applications or send data to the cloud. Full management of all applications as well as the LMP itself through our remote management cloud platform is a matter of course for us.

Hardware and software lifecycle management from a single source. Leave these topics to us!


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Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions

Do you want to keep a central eye on your fleet and actively manage it? Our Remote Management Cloud Service provides all the building blocks for this.

With the Device LifeCycle Management (DLM), you manage all edge computers across the fleet. You control the distribution of your applications to the edge and cloud conveniently via our Application LifeCycle Management (ALM). “Over-the-air” updates of all software components are conveniently possible.

The Application Data Service (ADS) manages the user data. We offer the collected data in a data lake for further evaluation and visualization. These can then be used, for example, for training machine learning algorithms.

All cloud building blocks are modular and can be used separately – even independently of our HW. Thanks to our open interfaces, KYT can also be integrated into any existing cloud infrastructure.

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Our integrated service concept around the KYT platform complements the portfolio and enables holistic management of our customers’ applications over the entire lifecycle. In addition to services for device, application and user data management, our customers have access to product lifecycle management and cyber security services.

Furthermore, we are happy to support you in analyzing the cause of your problem and evaluating the collected user data in order to sustainably increase the value of your systems.

Ranging from Analysis to Analytics from a single source!

About us

The world of Ci4Rail

About us

We are a young, dynamic company, built on many years of experience in the railroad market. Our goal is to support each customer in the digitalization process, to increase the transparency of your own solution and to improve its value sustainably day by day. We are pushing the digitalization of railroad and public transport with world-changing technologies such as the Internet of Things (IIoT) and Machine Learning (ML).

What we find particularly important:

With our customers being the center of our works, we flexibly adapt to their individual requirements.

Open Source as a consistent strategy: Use and own development of open source components – this avoids vendor lock-in and obsolescence risks.

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